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Bicycle Industry and More

  Since 2013, Frenchy Trading aims to be in
the core of the Bicycle Industry, in Taichung, to work as efficienly as possible, with the local manufacturers. Covering the development and production sides, we totally understand the different aspects of Designs & Industrialisation.
Industrial Designer as first job, we also offering different services.

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  • Development                                                                                                                 suspension kinematics                                                                                           solid 3D modeling                                                                                           advanced surface modeling (forging, hydroforming, carbon or plastics) finite elements analysis                                                                                             2D production drawings bill of materials                                                                   product manuals 
  • Manufacturing                                                                                                               sourcing                                                                                                         prototyping                                                                                                                       quality controls                                                                                                 suppliers managements
  • Communication                                                                                                             product range strategy                                                                                                   3D renderings                                                                                                           websites


Engineering & Designs


Sourcing & Manufacturing

My home-made Frame

During my College studies, I wanted to realize a frame in my father foundry workshop, put my hands in the “dirts” and reach this challenge to build my
home-made frame. For that, I have designed and built the welding Jig and the Seatpost reaming tool. I have done myself everything apart the TIG welding.
It was an unforgettable experience. William

  As a french Industrial Designer & mtb lover, I have created Frenchy Trading in 2013 when I moved to Taichung City, the worldwide bicycle capital, in Taiwan.
There, I work in the core of the Industry with most of suppliers less than 2 hours away.
As I live here, I know local suppliers which are unknown from foreign custumers, in addition of the famous Industry makers. And I can follow the production steps on each suppliers. That help me to offer a better service to my clients.   

William Ortin
Owner & Indust. Designer